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Hydrating Moisturizer

Item Number 521
Designed to cleanse the skin of surface impurities for both women & men. The special blend of ingredients work synergistically to hydrate, clarify and brighten the skin. Liquidity's Hydrating Cleanser may also be substituted as a shaving creme. Promotes a clean close shave. The refreshing smell is created from an essential oil thus eliminating the use of fragrances. No animal testing is used with the product.

Ingredients in Liquidity's Hydrating Moisturizer work synergistically to fight against harmful environmental agents that daily attack the skin.  Agents that attack the skin and cause premature aging are agents such as artificial heating and cooling, artificial lighting, wind, sun, dry climates, stress, medications, etc.  When using Liquidity's Hydrating Moisturizer on a daily basis the ingredients counter attack the agents, which result in premature aging.

Who Can Use It?

Both Men and Women with Normal, Dry and Sensitive skin.  While the formula is primarily designed for normal, dry and sensitive skin types, some clients with oily skin have reported good results.


For maximum results, before application of Hydrating Moisturizer prepare the skin by using Liquidity's Hydrating Cleanser followed by the Hydrating Toner and AGE-LESS serum.

After skin is prepared apply the Hydrating Moisturizer.  Smooth over entire neck and face area in an upward and outward motion.  Use sparingly for normal skin and less sparingly for dry to extra dry skin.


Aloe Vera Gel - Its moisturizing ability is its most widely recognized characteristic.  Although aloe Vera's important constituents are minerals, polysaccharides, amino acids, and carbohydrates, it is constituted of about 99.5% water.  The molecular structure allows Aloe Vera to penetrate the skin, supplying moisture directly to the tissue.  Other properties include moisture regulation and an apparent ability to absorb UV light.  It has a slightly relaxing effect on the skin, making it beneficial for sensitive, sunburned, and sun-exposed skins.

Jojoba Oil - Studies indicate rapid penetration ability by means of absorption.  From these areas, it seems to diffuse into the corneum layer and acts with intercellular lipids to further reduce water loss.  Jojoba Oil is the purest oil known to mankind and is antimicrobial.  Jojoba oil is a naturally occurring ester and is generally considered noncomedogenic.

Hydrolyzed Elastin - Penetration to epidermal layers is possible due to the small molecular size, thereby improving overall skin appearance, softness and suppleness.  Also acts as a surface protective agent alleviating the effects of dry skin, enhancing flexibility, improving feel, increasing and improving the tension of the skin, and influencing formation of tropocollagen fibers when used with soluble collagen.

Soluble Collagen - Its great hydration potential has the amazing ability to bind and retain many times its weight in water.  This water-binding and retention ability makes collagen effective as a protecting agent.  As a film former, collagen aids in reducing natural moisture loss, thereby helping hydrate the skin.  When combined with Elastin, the two form a binder strengthening the skin.

Sodium PCA - A high-performance humectant due to its moisture-binding ability.  It is derived from amino acids and exists naturally in the skin as a component of the natural moisturizing factor.  It is considered noncomedogenic and nonallergenic and is good for dry, delicate and sensitive skins.

Green Tea Extract - A powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial ingredient.  Has the ability to penetrate the cell of the skin and protect the cell from free radicals and associated damage thus adding the antiaging benefit.

Panthenol - (Vitamin B-5) - Acts as a penetrating moisturizer.  Panthenol appears to stimulate cellular proliferation and aid in tissue repair.  The Vitamin B-5 action helps to impart a nonirritant; nonsensitizing, moisturizing, and conditioning feel and may help promote normal keratinization.  Panthenol protects the skin against sunburn, provides relief for existing sunburn and enhances the natural tanning process.  Its humectant character enables panthenol to hold water in the product or attract water from the environment, resulting in a moisturizing effect.  As a skin softener it provides suppleness.  Considered noncomedogenic.

Soy Bean Oil - It has a small molecular structure and is thought to act more as a hormone-like cellular messenger once it reaches the epidermal keratinocytes and, particularly, the dermal fibroblast. It is said to stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin, proteoglycans, and structural glycoproteins. Soy Bean Oil contains smoothing ingredients and has a high content of phosphatides such as lecithin and Vitamins A, E, and K. It is reported as anti-irritating and noncomedogenic.

Avocado Oil - Helps as a carrier to transport active substances into the skin. Its skin-benefiting properties include bactericidal and soothing properties. Current speculation among researchers is avocado oil may mobilize and increase the collagen of connective tissue. Avocado Oil has also demonstrated sun-screening characteristics and has been given the highest ranking by the Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology for sunscreen effectiveness when compared to other naturally derived oils such as peanut, olive and coconut. Avocado oil also contains other constituents such as; lecithin, phytosterol, carotinoids, and a high concentration of vitamins A, D and E.  The oil is derived from the expression of the seed.

Butylene Glycol (and) Matricaria Recutita Extract - These two ingredients are helpmates to each other.  The Butylene Glycol has antimicrobial action and when blended with the Matricaria Recutita Extract it enhances the preservative activity.  The Matricaria Recutita Extract is from the chamomile family and is aromatic, and its flower heads are used to obtain the blue chamomile oil.  The active principles are a pale blue volatile oil (which may turn yellow with keeping).  The chamomile factor is considered a capillary wall constrictor and is used for cooling and healing.  It is good for acne, dry and supersensitive skin.  And in addition it is noncomedogenic.

Tocopheryl Acetate - (Vitamin E) An antioxidant that helps as a free radical scavenger.

Retinyl Palmitate - (Vitamin A) A skin conditioner used to help reduce the number and depth of fine lines and wrinkles, and prevent skin roughness resulting from UV exposure.  Secondary reactions such as dryness or irritation are not associated with retinyl palmitate.  It is even more effective when used in combination with * Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) because it achieves greater penetration.

*Ascorbic Acid - (Vitamin C) Derivatives are said to have skin-lightening and antioxidant properties.  The antioxidant properties help with the war against free radicals.  When evaluating its ability to fight free-radical damage in light of its synergistic effect with vitamin E, Vitamin C shines.  As vitamin E reacts with a fee radical, it, in turn, is damaged by the free radical it is fighting. Vitamin C comes in to repair the free-radical damage in vitamin E, allowing the E to continue with its free-radical scavenging duties.  Current research has indicated the synergism between vitamins C and E can yield even better results when used together in helping to protect the skin against harmful UBA and UVB rays.

Glycereth-26 - This ingredient has been studied extensively for its moisturizing abilities.  Based on data available, it has definitely been established as a good skin-moisturizing agent.  The humectant properties help the skin retain moisture.

Salvia Officinals (Sage) Oil - This essential oil is obtained by distillation of sage leaves and flowers.  It is aromatic, therefore adds to the pleasant aroma of Liquidity's Hydrating Moisturizer. Sage Oil is also credited with depurative and healing properties.