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to learn a little bit about me and my products.
Dallas Texas has been my home for over 15 years. . My friends call me Charlie.. I am continuously on the go on a daily basis, whether I am creating new graphics, participating in a photo shoot or editing video. I enjoy all of my hobbies and careers!
For local enjoyment I like to visit some of the local clubs, roller blade, swim and of course I love to shop! I try to make at least two trips to Cancun Mexico a year. While there I have a blast on the beach, I shoot images of my family and friends and I indulge in the local cuisine.
Goals and ambitions are motivating and important in a person's life. I have a goal to complete two more continuing education art related classes in the next 6 months and obtain my associate degree in graphic design in the next two years.
I've been fortunate to accomplish many things in my life. My largest accomplishment has been putting the past behind me and helping my family grow tightly together again.
As an active person I need top of the line nutrition to keep me going and now I have found the products that work for myself as well as everyone I have distributed them to! Each morning I take my LiquiVida and Total. I use the skin care products each evening and liquigenics before meals. This combination of the Liquidity products gives me the energy and vibrant look I desire. I am looking and feeling more vibrant every day. I'm having the time of my life right now while distributing products I believe in! Now that I have found these great products I want to share them with you.
I hope that gives you some insight into who I am and a little bit about the products I am offering.
Please don't hesitate to peruse this website. I am adding all of the products I now distribute for Liquidity International and making it easy to purchase them with my Pay Pal shopping cart!
All of my products come with a satisfaction guarantee. When you purchase any of these great products you have 30 days to test them! If for any reason you find a product you are not satisfied with within the 30 day time period please send it back for a full refund!

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