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Weight Management
Liquidity Weight Management Products

A healthy alternative to weight loss. Each carefully selected product has proven the test of time in helping people achieve weight loss goal. The combination of these products, along with a regular exercise program and diet modification, may well be your answer
 to losing unwanted pounds.
Item #10002

Only $85.00

An all-natural energy and endurance formula for men and women alike. The synergistic formula of 11 herbs along with chromium picolinate and soluble fiber is designed to promote optimum health. Each bottle contains 90 tablets to be used
as a dietary supplement.
Item #140043

Only $31.95

Liquidity’s Fastrim helps to stimulate the metabolic rate and assist in appetite control, naturally.
Item #10001


ChewiGenics™ - A delicious chocolate flavored chewi to eat when your feeling hungry between meals. The Thermogenic nutrients help to support safe weight loss by increasing energy production and the body’s ability to burn fat. While ChewiGenics tastes as good as a candy, it is not a candy and should not be treated as such. It is a dietary supplement and only one should be eaten between meals with a full glass of water to help curb the appetite and increase energy.
Item #10003

Only $40.00

A high quality advanced protein blend designed to help balance your diet with the right amount of lean muscle building protein. What’s even better is the delicious vanilla taste when mixed with water or non-fat milk. It can also be the perfect combination to your favorite fruit smoothie. A blend of ion exchanged and concentrated whey protein, soy, egg white, and calcium caseinate make up the perfect combination for lean muscle. Each serving of Powdergenincs contains 15 grams of protein and only 5 grams of sugar. It is also a high source of 24 vitamins and minerals.The family pack - two canisters containing a total net
weight of 750 grams of Powdergenincs.
Item #10004
*The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Only $40.00

Liquigenics Water Booster
LiquiGenics™ Thermogenic Water Booster – Thermogenesis is the process that literally increases the heat in your body causing more fat to be burned as energy instead of stored excess weight. With LiquiGenics you’ve discovered one of the worlds most effective weight loss products. It’s stimulant and laxative free! Combine a packet with a 5 to 8 oz of water and drink before lunch and dinner.
Item #216

Only $27.00

THIN 2 - 1 oz. liquid
THIN 2 is an innovative, dramatic, clinically backed formula with the patented Advantra Z. The four US patents support stimulating thermogenesis, reduction of body weight, suppression of appetite, increasing the ratio of lean muscle to total body mass, and improving athletic performance. THIN 2 can aid in your overall weight loss program. For best results combine with AMP 1.
Item #E11810

Only $32.00

AMP 1 - 1 oz. Liquid
AMP 1 is a leading edge, powerful Cocoa/Almond xanthine-rich formula with CocoGen. This ingredient is designed to boost energy, thermogenesis, motivation, moods, and curb hunger pangs to aid in your weight loss success. For best results combine with THIN 2.
Item #E11800

Only $32.00

LQ-10 (1 oz. Liquid)
The nutrient coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ-10) is known to increase the body's fat-burning capacity by increasing calorie burning. LQ-10 rounds out the Thermogenic process by stmulating the manufacture of energy.
Item #E11395

Only $20.00

Starch Block
Enjoy maximum blocking power against the conversion of starch calories that can eventually be stored as fat. Starch Block binds at the same site enzymes use, limiting the amount of starch converted into sugar. By simply swallowing a tablet, you have less high-glycemic, fat-promoting carbohydrates in your diet!
Item #E11312

Only $23.75

Sugar Block
Item #10005

Only $20.00