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Skin Care Directions
Step 1: Prepare the Skin.
Cleanse face and neck area with Hydrating Cleanser.
Rinse with moist wash cloth.
Spray face with toner and let dry.
Apply the Age-less Serum to cleansed area.
Step 2: Apply Ageless Lift
Apply the Age-less lift to prepare face and neck area, pour a small amount into the palm of your hand. Moisten fingertips of the opposite hand and use fingers to smooth onto skin. Smooth in an upward and outward direction.
Allow the Age-less lift to dry completely, approximately 20 - 25 Minutes.
The best position to place yourself while the lift is drying is to lie on your back with your face towards the ceiling, elevate your feet slightly, play your favorite music and allow yourself time to relax and enjoy your facial.
While the Age-less lift is drying you may experience a slight tingling sensation on your face and neck area. This sensation is usually due to the increased circulation the Age-less lift provides. This sensation may help to dislodge dry and dead skin cells and lighten skin discoloration.
You may also experience a slight sensation as the Age-less lift begins the drying process. This is usually caused from the compression of the Age-less lift in the skin. This compression creates an isometric exercise for the face and neck muscles. This reaction may help to diminish lines and wrinkles and tone and firm the skin. The exercise may also help diminish acne scarring and acne discoloration.
Step 3: Removal of Age-less Lift
Apply an even coverage of the Hydrating Cleanser over the Age-less Lift.
Wet a clean cloth with warm water and place cloth over face and neck area. This will soften the Age-less Lift and allow easy removal. Rinse with warm water until the Age-less Lift us completely rinsed from the face and neck area.
When removed, step back from the mirror and see and feel the difference. You may want to pay particular attention to the eye, check, and jaw areas of your face. Notice hoe the Age-less Lift works to tone, lift and smooth. If wrinkles were present before the application of the Age-less Lift you may notice diminished effects.
Step 4: Finishing Touches
After the Age-less Lift is removed from the skin, apply Hydrating Toner.
Next apply Age-less Serum to the face and neck.
Finish with Hydrating Moisturizer and smile and enjoy!